Maak kennis met… Leon Shor

I am a Ph.D. candidate currently enrolled in the Hebrew Language Department at Tel Aviv University, Israel. My research focuses on referential choice in spontaneous spoken Israeli Hebrew. More specifically, I am focusing on human referents, and attempting to identify the various motivations underlying the interlocutors’ choice of coding these referents. In my research, I make use of various discourse-functional approaches to the study of spoken language, as well as of conversation analysis (CA) and interactional linguistics (IL).

I graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2007, majoring in Accounting and Economics. Having worked at an accounting firm for three years I came to understand that I no longer saw my future in this profession, and decided to pursue my dream of studying linguistics. I subsequently enrolled in the master’s degree program in the Hebrew Language Department at Tel Aviv University, and it was there that I found my true passion and career objective. After obtaining my master’s degree (which dealt with expression of negation in spoken Hebrew) it became evident that I wished to continue my research in the field of spoken language; therefore, I decided to pursue a doctoral degree in which I currently investigate the process of referential choice in spoken Israeli Hebrew.

The research I am conducting here, in the Centre for Language Studies, constitutes part of my PhD research. It is a corpus-based exploration of a syntactic pattern in spoken Israeli Hebrew, which involves a double expression of the subject referent, initially by means of a lexical NP, and subsequently by means of a co-indexical third person pronoun. In this respect, I look forward to engaging in interesting discussions with fellow faculty members and students.

On another note, I am also an amateur flute player, and occasionally enjoy playing with other amateur musicians (on any instrument). So, if you happen to know someone who might be interested in group playing, feel free to do the matchmaking 🙂