Maak kennis met… Jinbiao Yang


I’m Jinbiao Yang from China. If you get confused about its pronunciation, you can call me Ray instead. I got the PhD fellowship from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, and began my Radboud life since September 2017.

I studied computer science and cognitive neuroscience during my bachelor programme at Anhui Agricultural University and Master programme at East China Normal University respectively, and then worked as a Research Associate at New York University Shanghai. Both my labs at ECNU and NYU Shanghai focus on psycholinguistics, and so I did a lot on linguistics too. The cross-disciplinary background has benefited my research, which is aimed at investigating how humans can understand and produce language, and translating the mechanism into a computational model.

In my PhD career, I will focus on the study of language chunking, that is the way we process language based on collocations (combinations) of words which are familiar to us rather than the single words. I will study this by doing cognitive experiments and computational modeling with my supervisors – Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch and Dr. Stefan Frank.

You can find me at my office at Erasmus building 6.04a. I’m usually in the office from around noon and go back home when the building is closed. Or you can email me at ray306(at) or Jinbiao.Yang(at)

Besides research, I might be reading comics, reading novels, enjoying music, playing piano, doing Akido, or writing computer programs. Both doing a PhD and living abroad are new to me, and I hope I can enjoy the next four years!