Lieke Verheijen genomineerd voor Anéla/VIOT scriptieprijs

quoteTijdens de Anéla Juniorendag op 7 maart 2014 presenteert Lieke Verheijen haar masterscriptie, die is genomineerd voor de Anéla-VIOT scriptieprijs. Haar onderzoek gaat over de manier waarop native speakers van het Engels en non-native speakers citeren in wetenschappelijke teksten. Hieronder publiceren wij alvast de abstract van haar onderzoek:

The Language of Quoting in Academic Writing
Because quotation is a fundamental aspect of academic texts, my master thesis examines the language of (direct) quoting in academic writing. To find out whether learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) differ from professional academics who are native speakers of English (NSE) in their use of quotation, I compare two corpora of scholarly writings: one of student essays by upper intermediate and advanced EFL learners and one of published articles by NSE experts. A data set of 1201 quotes was extracted from the writings and examined for a broad range of lexico-grammatical features relevant to the use of quotes, including introductions to quotes, lexical items in introducing quotes, length of quotes, ‘special’ quotes, and punctuation surrounding quotes. The findings confirm my hypothesis that EFL students and NSE experts differ significantly on various points in their language of quoting. Making students aware of these differences could lead to great improvements in their academic writing. The six academic disciplines represented in the NSE corpus also turn out to differ significantly on several features relevant to the use of quotes. This suggests that students should not only learn the general academic quoting conventions, but also those of their own academic discipline.

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